Field Application Engineer | OMRON, Россия

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Field Application Engineer

Motivated to take on a new challenge? We are looking for a Field Application Engineer for our sales organisation.

Purpose of the role:

As part of a regional sales team, the role is to support the sales growth of IAB products within a specified Hot Spot area. The main emphasis will be one of providing technical and application support to new and existing direct customers within the region. Provision of product training and technical support to Distributors and their customers will also be required.    

 Accountabilities and KPI

  • To support the growth of the companies IAB business in a specified geographic region by providing efficient & effective technical and application support.
    • Provide technical and application support for new and existing direct accounts.
    • Provide high-level technical support and product training to distributors
    • Provide high-level technical support to Distributor customers, as required.
    • Use Omron management information systems to track and monitor area performance.
  • To ensure that new and Key Promotional Products (KPP’s) are effectively supported.
    • Support the introduction of new products and solution to new and existing direct customers and Distributors, by working closely with the local Field Sales Engineer, Regional Sales Manager & Marketing teams.
    • Identify and report new application opportunities to the marketing team for further research.
    • Communicates with Regional Sales Management and Marketing teams to ensure application knowledge is effectively transferred to all.
  • Build and develop mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues, customers and Distributors
    • Engages in regular contact with a broad cross-section of direct customers, Distributors and colleagues.
    • Communicate on-going application developments with external and internal staff e.g. Case Studies, Seminars & visit reports.
    • Participates in regular sales meetings and conferences
    • Recognises and explores new opportunities using skills sets of colleagues as appropriate

Scope Indicators:

  • Budget: Regional budget & KPP. 
  • Direct Reports: None
  • Key Relationships: FSE, Direct / Indirect customers & Distributors 
  • Knowledge transfer: Reports, Case Studies, Seminar & Training
  • Geography: S, DN, WF, LS, HD, HX, BD, HG, HU, YO, TS, DL DH, SR & NE Postcodes (Must live in one of these postcode areas).

Required education and qualifications

  • Degree in an engineering discipline
  • HNC or recognised apprenticeship in electrical/electronics engineering

Required specific knowledge, skills and experience

  • 3 years of applications experience within a relevant industry would be an advantage. The individual should demonstrate a high level of technical knowledge and some basic commercial understanding.
  • A good understanding of OEM’s, End-users, System Integrators and panel builders is advantageous. Knowledge of distribution strategies and varying Routes-to-Market is also beneficial. 
  • Excellent communication and influencing skills. 
  • Good planning & organising skills.
  • The individual should be self-motivated, ambitious, pro-active and tenacious, with the capability of achieving challenging targets. 
  • The individual should be capable of working both independently and as part of the regional team, contributing to the overall success of the companies sales effort.