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Internal Auditor

Are you an enthusiastic auditor who works with integrity, discipline and objectivity? Do you like to work in a dynamic, international team? Then this might be a role for you!


Omron Corporation (Omron) established in 1933, is a leading, innovative multinational with more than 39,000 employees in 44 countries. Omron specialises in the development, production, distribution, marketing and sales of products and services in a variety of industries, including automation, electronic components, automotive and healthcare.

OMRON is now seeking for a highly motivated Internal Auditor to join our Internal Audit Department.

OMRON´s Auditing Department is located at its European Headquarters in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. A dedicated team supports to four different Omron businesses consisting of more than 40 entities and branches in Europe, The Middle East, and Africa.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform professional, full cycle internal audits at various Omron locations, including Headquarters, regional entities and factories, based on Omron’s philosophy and ethics as well as internal auditors' ethics code (IIA).
  • Perform audit procedures, collecting data, reviewing and analysing audit evidence and evaluating risk areas of audited entities, based on facts and rational thinking.
  • Pursue root causes of deficiencies and issues found during the audit, and recommend countermeasures.
  • Understand the internal auditing framework and implement auditing procedures based on the framework.
  • Has a knowledge of accounting, IT control and OGR necessary for internal audit, audits based on them.
  • Has a knowledge of J-SOX self-evaluation procedures and the audit framework based on J-SOX standards, and can perform J-SOX audit accordingly.
  • Has an understanding of the various types of fraud and can find risks and signs of fraud during audits and pre-audit data analysis.       
  • Execute the audit at the set quality level.
  • Document audit findings and recommendations for improvement.
  • Communicate the results of audits via written reports and video conferences with Global Internal Audit Headquarters in Japan.
  • Report on the status of the audit cycle.
  • Report on the progress of remediation plans
  • Clearly identify and understand the objectives, goals, intentions and task assignments. Make sure that these are clearly communicated and understood to all parties.
  • If there are conflicts or inconsistencies, adjust to maximize the output to achieve the goal.
  • Provide the necessary support to others to achieve the goal.
  • Can understand and  explain the risks and controls of various business processes.
  • Can communicate as below:
    • Ask questions that identify problems and causes.
    • Explain in clear and concise manner to counterparties.
    • Explain to counterparties’ satisfaction and understanding.
  • Provide consulting services to Omron management and staff on compliance and risk.
  • Develop and maintain productive relationships with Omron Management and colleagues.
  • Perform related work as assigned by OMCE Internal Audit management.

Required education and qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance or equivalent.
  • IIA qualification is an advantage

Required specific knowledge, skills and experience

  • Previous auditing experience
  • Maintain Omron and professional ethical standards and completes internal audit work in compliance with the OMRON Principles and the IIA’s Code of Ethics:
  • Work with integrity, discipline and objectivity
  • High attention to detail and excellent analytical skills
  • Ability to think objectively and demonstrate sound judgement
  • Able and keen to travel frequently to Omron foreign locations, at least for one week a month.
  • Experience in a manufacturing company and manufacturing cost analysis is an advantage.
  • Excellent English and report writing skills
  • Experience of JD Edwards, or similar ERP system
  • Work experience in a multi-national and multicultural, result-oriented business environment
  • Work from Omron Headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands
  • The candidates must be eligible to work in Netherlands


We look forward to your motivation letter and your cv! Please click on apply!