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New Business Developer

Are you ready for the next step in your career?We are looking for a New Business Developer for our sales organization in Hoofddorp.

Purpose of the Role

Develop new full concept Industrial Automation customers in line with the Omron new business development plan 

Sales Area: 

  • North-Holland / North-east Netherlands

  • Ideal living location: Zwolle (radius 50km) or Alkmaar (radius 30km

Key Responsibility

  • Actively develops new business
  • Ensures continuous contact with full DMU (e.g. Management, R&D, Sales, Purchasing department) of prospects o Full understanding of 3 Bundling Sales:
    • Customer Bundling (relation between prospects and its customer, suppliers and competitors)
    • Product Bundling (value-adding application sales addressing management issues)
    • Organization bundling (using global linkage of sales with multi DMU approach)  
  • Shows creativity in business approach
  • Closely aligns with marketing to create attention for Omron Solutions o Invite prospects to -partly self-initiated seminars, blue carpet tours, fairs etc.
  • Ensures proper execution of relationship mapping and
  • Build a plan to influence customer customers towards Omron's vision, strategy, solutions and innovations.
  • Ensure that you listen carefully to the prospects' needs and  
  • Translates those need into a clear Value proposition effectively indication ROI savings etc.
  • Make sure to build a trust relationship by investing in the prospects and impress and meet expectations
  • Determine the needs of the assigned prospects
  • Translate customer needs in Omron solutions based on extensive knowledge of the Omron product/service portfolio
  • Give company presentations and present a quotation
  • Responsible for the whole sales process from investigation, proposing, quoting and closing
  • Ensure continuous improvement of knowledge of technical products, solutions and applications 
  • Provide input and share knowledge with colleagues about market information 

    • Intensively works with the European Business developers, ePMM and R&D (Dutch part of the Omron R&D team) 

    • Provide input on prospects, market and Industries in sales meetings

    • Notification in CRM to the involved colleagues of the right division

  • Ensure proper reporting and registration of customer information▪

  • Ensure registration of all relevant information in the CRM system. i.e.:

    • Visit reports

    • General customer information, business intelligence

    • Yearly demands and machine fact sheet o Customer profile, DMU and Relationship mapping

    • Sales Cycle

  • Monthly business review preparation

  • Manage your agenda

Knowledge, Experience, and Skills

  • Relevant Technical Bachelor level, Electro-Technical or equivalent
  • Relevant commercial experience in a similar environment.
  • Appropriate Knowledge of Industrial automation
  • Appropriate technical understanding/experience
  • 6 years experience in a similar job in a B-2-B environment o Dutch and English language proficiency.