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Legacy of machine vision

Опубликовано в 2019-10-16 15:07:47 UTC в Маркировка и Сериализация

Did you know that for more than 40 years, Omron has developed vision sensing technologies for factory automation, surveillance and transport systems, and more recently for facial recognition and image processing for mobile phones, and even driver monitoring for autonomous driving?
In addition, through targeted acquisitions and development, we have recently made significant advancements in the field of machine vision. With the powerful cameras and algorithms from OMRON Sentech, the OMRON Microscan identification solutions offering high process reliability, and of course, the image processing developed especially for robot guidance, we are able to offer the right solution for practically any customer inquiry.
Whether you need powerful individual components, an application-specific system designed for integration into your own manufacturing or packaging line, or machine vision solutions as part of a completely automated environment, we have the technologies and products to fulfill your needs.
Diving even a bit deeper into our history in machine vision, you may discover some interesting facts. Maybe some topics you can use in a quiz among other machine vision aficionados?

Did you know that?

  • The name of the first machine vision by Automatix was Autovision 1 launched in 1980.
  • The first vision guided robotics with integrated machine vision was introduced by Automatix in 1983. Automatix later merged with Itran to form Acuity Imaging before becoming part of RVSI and later Microscan, and now of course part of Omron.
  • Microscan Intellifind and Adept Acuity pattern matching algorithms have the same roots.
  • The algorithm started under Hexavision in Canada. Hexavision had a cross-licensing agreement with RVSI (see above) and around the year 2000 RVSI obtained the license for the pattern matching algorithm and Hexavision the algorithm for code reading. Adept acquired Hexavision for the pattern matching algorithm and continued to develop it, while Siemens acquired RVSI and went their own way with the algorithm after purchasing full rights from Adept. Siemens machine vision was later acquired by Microscan. Under Omron, both branches of the roots meet again and the first cooperation is a fact with the implementation of the MicroHAWK MV-40 (tcm:457-89566) with Intellifind on the Cobra robot to pick parts from the Anyfeeder!
  • Our history also includes the invention of the industry-standard 2D symbology, Data Matrix, which was invented by I.D. Matrix.
Find out more about our current machine vision offering.

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